Information on the auditor of ZARUBEZHNEFT JSC accounting statements for the financial year

Zarubezhneft JSC annually engages external auditors for auditing the accounting (financial) statements prepared under the Russian Accounting Standards.

Selection of the audit company for the statutory audit of Zarubezhneft JSC accounting (financial) statements for 2018–2019, prepared under the RAS, was carried out through an open tender as per Federal Law No. 44-ФЗ (FZ) “On Contract System in the Procurement of Goods, Work and Services to Cover State and Municipal Demand” dated April 5, 2013.

In 2018, Nexia Pacioli LLC won the competition and became the RAS statements auditor. The cost of services of Nexia Pacioli LLC on the audit of the accounting (financial) statements for 2019 amounted to 708.0 thous RUB. Besides, Nexia Pacioli LLC provided audit services as to special purpose financial statements of Zarubezhneft JSC for 2018, in the amount of 180.0 thous RUB, and services on auditing the implementation of Zarubezhneft JSC Long-Term Development Program for 2018, in the amount of 852.0 thous RUB.

The Federal Treasury, and the Self-Regulatory Organization of Auditors (SRO) the auditor belongs to, regularly exercise control over the auditor’s activities.