Consolidated indicators of zarubezhneft group


Gross hydrocarbon production by Zarubezhneft Group (share is taken into account), thous. t.o.e.
Валовая добыча углеводородов (с учетом доли участия)
Based on the reporting period, the gross production of hydrocarbons was 4.8 MM t.o.e.. The primary production assets are JV Vietsovpetro, JC RUSVIETPETRO LLC and ZARUBEZHNEFT-Dobycha Kharyaga LLC.
Volume of Zarubezhneft Group’ reserves (share is taken into account), thous. t.o.e.
Объем запасов (с учетом доли участия)
In 2019, the hydrocarbon reserves in the share of Zarubezhneft JSC increased by 3.6 MM RUB because of entering into new projects in Vietnam, Egypt and Uzbekistan, as well as exploration activities and re-assessment of reserves in the active assets.
Volume of exploration drilling by Zarubezhneft Group, thous. m
Объем разведочного бурения
The scope of exploration drilling in 2019 was 53.2 thous. m, which is 49% higher than in 2018. The primary goals of the work were to perform an additional study of hydrocarbon traps at the active fields and recognition of inferred reserves at new blocks.
Zarubezhneft Group’s consolidated revenue dynamics, bln RUB
In 2019, Zarubezhneft Group maintained the high level of consolidated revenue achieved in 2018.
Consolidated EBITDA dynamics of Zarubezhneft Group, bln RUB
Consolidated FCF dynamics of Zarubezhneft Group, bln RUB
Despite the deteriorating macroeconomic environmentHereinafter, the impact on indicators that show changes in macroeconomic factors and in the tax legislation. and the decrease of global oil prices, the implementation of stabilizing measures allows showing high level of operational efficiency.