JV ANDIJANPETRO LLC is an oil producing asset with Zarubezhneft JSC share of 50%, that carries out its activities in cooperation with Uzbekneftegaz JSC.

Three fields (South Alamyshyk, Khartoum, East Khartoum) are located in the Fergana Region of the Republic of Uzbekistan. They were brought to development in 1945, 1957, and 1973, respectively. Primary development features have been fully drilled and are at the later stage of development.

СП ООО «Andijanpetro»

Development and production

In 2019, the production of JV ANDIJANPEТRO LLC was 0.8 thous. tons, taking into account that the operating activity started from December 1, 2019. Measures are undertaken for 98 development wells (comprising the production fund) for reworking idle and inactive wells.

Development prospects

As for 2020, it is planned to drill 86 wells at the Khartoum field, as well as sidetracking in well 27 of the Khartoum field and 22 other WIs with a total production increase of 15.5 thous. tons.

Ownership structure
Ownership structure

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