HR management’s key strategic focus is to train talent for new projects. With this in mind, the Talent Management Program was initiated and is being implemented.

Main Program Objectives:

  • To carry out systematic work to identify, develop, and use human potential for solving the Company’s strategic objectives.
  • To build cross-functional teams with expertise and skills for efficient work in various regions, taking into account cultural and national characteristics.

To implement the objectives, key tools for the Talent Management Program are in three areas:

  • development of technological competencies;
  • identification and development of leaders;
  • training of teams for new international projects.

A training and development system has been created to prepare personnel to participate in new projects, which includes:

  • corporate petroleum engineering school, in which more than 700 participants were trained in 17 production courses;
  • corporate project management school, in which 18 specialists were trained;
  • corporate leadership school, which trained more than 290 participants in three basic programs: “Modern Management Practices”, “Management Potential Development”, and “Efficient Leader”;
  • rotation system, which rotated 62 of the Group’s key employees internally;
  • the NestroLead program, in which 756 Group employees expressed their willingness to develop and participate in new projects.
Balance between interests of employees and company