Country-by-country reporting

Zarubezhneft JSC’s development priorities include enhancement of corporate reporting transparency. Zarubezhneft Group operates in many different countries. Financial and economic details are presented in the table below by the regions in which it has a footprint.

The Income Disclosure, Profit for the Year and Income Tax Costs indicators are based on the country-by-country report prepared per legislative requirements (the Tax Code of the Russian Federation (Part 1), Chapter 14.4-1).

The Capital Expenditures Disclosure and Amount of Public Contributions/Charitable Donations indicators are prepared based on management reporting (statements).

The figures for the Russian Federation and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam are based on the figures for the joint ventures located in these countries whose figures are accounted for in the consolidated statements using the participating interest method.

The list of indicators has been defined subject to the recommendations of the Transparency International movement.

Zarubezhneft JSC Indicators for the Year Ended December 31, 2019, MM RUBAs of March 16, 2019.
Indicator Total Russian Federation Socialist Republic of Vietnam Republic of Cuba Bosnia and Herzegovina (Republika Srpska) Other
Income disclosure 249,182 152,290 63,571 501 32,470 350
Capital expenditure disclosure 39,110 19,152 18,719 861 261 117
Profit for the year 7,252 16,445 2,485 –1,047 –10,278 –353
Income tax costs 13,740 3,790 9,898 20 31 1
Amount of public contibutions/ charitable donations 244.4 149 95 0,4