Building corporate culture and ethics

The potential for enhancing the Company’s performance largely depends on positive growth in production indicators, well-coordinated teamwork, functional interaction, and positive communications between employees both within and outside the structural units, as well as on well-coordinated partnership with the external environment.

The Company pays considerable attention to its corporate ethics. In this regard, 12 principles of corporate interaction were developed and implemented in 4 areas with 3 principles in each area. They reflect the desired behavioral indicators that affect the positive dynamics of both teamwork and efficient communication and the enhancement of the Company’s performance as a whole, as follows:

  • Company – Employee: efficient interaction between an employee and the Company (“initiative and pro-active attitude to life”, “striving for continuous improvement and professional development”, “fair assessment (evaluation) of performance and motivation of employees”).
  • Company – External Environment: efficient interaction between the Company and its external environment (“overachiever before the government”, “honesty and transparency”, “tolerance and mutual respect”).
  • Employee – Employee: efficient interaction between and among employees (“teamwork”, “constructive discussion of issues”, “business-style communication”).
  • Manager – Employee: efficient interaction between a manager and an employee (“one-man management”, “peer discussion and unconditional execution of the decision”, “open doors”).

In order to develop and systematically implement the above principles of efficient interaction, the Integrated Program for Promoting Corporate Cooperation Principles was approved in 2019.

That same year, the emphasis was laid on involving employees through round tables and business games.

Throughout the year, about 400 of the Group’s employees took part in such round tables and business games.

The primary objectives of these activities were to develop expertise in interacting with peer co-workers, the external environment, and subordinate employees, as well as to sharpen feedback skills.

In order to ensure a smooth immersion into the Company’s culture, an interactive adaptation course on the principles of corporate interaction has been developed for newly recruited employees.

Currently, the project’s execution is ongoing. Its progress will be manifested by introducing these principles into the Company’s corporate life so that they are not just observed and implemented in a directive manner, but become a good tradition and assist in achieving joint results. Furthermore, the aim is for them to help all employees become one team characterized by strong cohesion and commitment to the Company’s common goals and values.

Oil Platform

In 2019, the Best in Profession Contest was held at the production facilities of Zarubezhneft-Dobycha Samara LLC in the city of Samara. Participants from Zarubezhneft Group subsidiaries, the winners of the enterprise-level selection stage, showed off their knowledge and skills in the theoretical and practical parts of the contest in the following six categories:

  • Operator of Oil and Gas Production;
  • Operator of Dehydrators and Desalters;
  • Electrical/Gas Welder;
  • Maintenance technician;
  • Passenger Vehicle Driver;
  • Chemical Analyst.

In addition, the winners were determined in the following additional categories:

  • Best in Production System;
  • Best in HSE.

Traditionally, foreign employees of Zarubezhneft Group take part in the Contest. In the financial year, the specialists of JV Vietsovpetro from the Socialist Republic of Vietnam supported the international character of the event by participating in three categories of the Contest and taking prizes in two of them. As for the team competition, the winners were once again employees of ZARUBEZHNEFT-Dobycha Kharyaga LLC as they continued the tradition of exhibiting a high level of training. The winners of the Contest were awarded diplomas, cash prizes and gifts.

Another significant event is The Best Facility annual review contest among Zarubezhneft Group facilities that claim the title of Facility of High-Standard Operating Practices in the categories of Oil, Gas, Water Treatment and Transportation and Petroleum Production. The contest contributes to shaping a responsible attitude to work, increasing labor performance and quality of work, improving labor discipline and developing a corporate labor culture, as well as promoting environmental protection.

Нефтяная платформа

In 2019, the title of Facility of High-Standard Operating Practices was awarded to the following facilities:

  • in the category of Oil, Gas, Water Treatment and Transportation: the Chemical Analysis Testing Laboratory of ZARUBEZHNEFT-Dobycha Kharyaga LLC
  • in the category of Petroleum Production: Well Cluster No. 5 of Zapadno-Khosedayuskoye oil field of JC RUSVIETPETRO LLC.

Zarubezhneft JSC holds The Best Employee contest on a quarterly basis to determine the employees with maximum influence on the result of the events in the Company in three focus areas: developing technological competencies, enhancing organizational performance, and fulfilling the Shareholder’s requirements and expectations. At the end of the year, the Best Employees with a pro-active attitude to life are selected.